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First and foremost, we are a demolition company. We have built our entire company around this area of expertise. Our team has decades of experience in demolition work, both interior and exterior. When people hear “demo work” they often associate it with basic destruction. It’s not that at all. Yes, things need to be torn down and removed, but it needs to be done with experience and with care. You can’t have people just recklessly hitting and cutting into walls, floors, and ceilings. This is your home we are talking about. We make sure to assess your project properly from the start, to avoid any surprises along the way.

We offer our services mainly In Montreal, Laval, and The West Island. We will quote outside of this area if the project warrants it. However, with the cost of travel we aim to be as efficient as possible when it comes to the all-important bottom line for both you and for us as a company.

Interior Demolition:

Over 75% of our work is focused on the interior. It’s not seasonal and often clients want to try to organize interior demo projects around their personal schedule to minimize any inconveniences.

We fully understand that in most cases our services are required prior to another company coming in for renovations. We get it. We know how important deadlines are and we adhere to that principle.

Before you can do that complete remodel of your kitchen, or add a bathroom off your teenager’s bedroom, things need to be altered. This needs to be done properly and professionally, we simply can’t stress that enough.

Exterior Demolition:

Whether you have a 3-story home in Kirkland, a 2 floor in DDO, a bungalow nestled in Hudson, or a townhouse in Pierrefonds, the exterior of your property is essential.

The outside of your home is the first impression your home gives. It deserves as much care and thought as the interior does.

From your walkway in your front yard leading to your front porch, to the deck in your backyard where you do all your barbecuing, you want it to look good.  If you are embarking on an exterior home project, and you need some demo work done prior, we are your team. We will assess and quote the project fairly and reasonably.

Be it an interior or exterior project, one thing is certain, we truly take pride as a company when it comes to customer respect. We may be there as workers, but we should still treat your home as though we are guests in it, because essentially, we are just that.

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