Ask yourself, what do my guests think when they first open my front door and step into my home? The answer doesn’t always need to be anything too elegant or divine, we don’t all carry the budget for such extreme luxury. But it should always, at the very least, be something positive.

As a Demo company of course the bulk of our work will be inside the home of our clients. You may be simply remodeling the bathroom, turning the basement into a mancave, or adding that walk in closet to the master bedroom that a certain someone has always wanted.

Whatever the task at hand, before any drastic changes can be made to ay room, things need to come down and things need to be taken out.

This needs to be done by a team of professional demo workers who know what they are doing. There are simply too many unknowns when it comes to any type of demo work. The last thing you want is an amateur accidentally puncturing a main water pipe in your floor he simply didn’t realize was there. Or a foundation beam being needlessly hit with asledgehammer repeatedly before it’s realized, oops, that’s a ceiling bearing beam.

Those scenarios may seem ludicrous, but I assure you they are only being used as examples because we have been called in on jobs after these very situations took place. I won’t even get into the horror of people attempting to install vanity mirrors.

Aside from the work aspect of things, we as a company also understand the personal aspect of it. No one wants people working in their homes longer then needed. That is why we adamantly respect deadlines. Granted, in this business, there are unknowns that sometimes arise, but with us that’s a rarity. That’s why we thoroughly assess the task at hand prior to even giving you a quote.

Aside from punctuality, another area we truly pride ourselves on is customer respect. We are a team that is aware we are in another’s home to complete a job; we are not at a house party. We will not track dirt on your floors or blast music while we work. These may seem like very basic points, but in our experience, they are rather crucial. Mutual respect on a job site in the demo or reno world is important. This is somewhere we differ from most of the competition. We care.

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