The term Handyman has stood the test of time. When we hear it, we basically think “the jack of all trades.” As a company we are just that. With our specialty being demo work, our team needs to be well educated in many other areas of home renovations. Demo work isn’t simply swinging a sledgehammer. You need to know exactly what is behind, under, and above, always. We take great pride in this very concept. We understand that in this industry, like any other, competition is fierce. Where we truly differ from said competition, is our true claim to customer satisfaction. If, once a project is completed, our client does not feel the need to recommend us to their friends or family…then something has gone terribly wrong.

Our Handyman service is offered more as an addition to any demo project we take on. If our team is on site, and you need something else tended to that’s within reason and doesn’t jeopardize our deadline, we will be more than happy to take it on a side project.

Areas of expertise:

Appliance Installation– This may seem like a relatively easy task but depending on the scenario it can quickly become a nightmare. This is truer now that we buy almost everything online. It is so easy to accidentally take the wrong measurements. The fridge you purchased may have a certain listed heigh you assumed would fit, but then it’s delivered and now you realize the wheels were not accounted for. These things happen to everyone. Before you start cutting into those mahogany top cabinets, give us a ring for a free estimate.

Carpentry – Woodwork can be tricky. Often we are called in after someone else has botched the job. Always better to have a professional first when it comes to any carpentry jobs.

Electrical – When it comes to electrical, we are very transparent. We have specialists that can easily handle your more basic electrical needs at very affordable prices. However, if it’s a more complex issue, we will refer you to the right people.

Flooring – Flooring comes hand in hand with so many demo projects. Rest assured when it comes to flooring our team can handle removal and installation with ease.

Landscaping – We have some very skilled workers in this area. When it comes to beautifying your garden or making sure your walkway is worth walking on, we welcome the challenge.

Furthermore, when our team is on site, if we see something that we feel can be an issue for our clients, we will address it immediately. Our end goal is ourclient’s satisfaction.

Our Handyman service, outside of our main Demo work, is hugely successful. The reason is very simple. We will only offer a service if we deem it truly necessary to your project.

We are a team of homeowners. We have families. We appreciate every client that hires us. Word of mouth is key in the renovation industry, if you are not satisfied with every aspect of the work we do, then we as a company need to do better.

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