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Interior Demolition Services

Discover why countless homeowners choose DemoPrep for their interior demolition needs. Our team is committed to providing top-notch services tailored to suit your unique residential project requirements. Explore our wide range of offerings below, designed with safety, quality, and customer satisfaction in mind.

What do your guests think when they first open your front door and step into your home? The answer doesn’t always need to be anything too elegant or divine; we don’t all carry the budget for such extreme luxury. But it should always, at the very least, be something positive.

As a Demo company, of course, the bulk of our work will be inside the home of our clients. You may be simply remodeling the bathroom, turning the basement into a mancave, or adding that walk-in closet to the master bedroom that a certain someone has always wanted. Whatever the task at hand, before any drastic changes can be made to any room, things need to come down and things need to be taken out.

This needs to be done by a team of professional demo workers who know what they are doing. There are simply too many unknowns when it comes to any type of demo work. The last thing you want is an amateur accidentally puncturing a main water pipe in your floor he simply didn’t realize was there. Or a foundation beam being needlessly hit with a sledgehammer repeatedly before it’s realized, oops, that’s a ceiling bearing beam. Those scenarios may seem ludicrous, but I assure you they are only being used as examples because we have been called in on jobs after these very situations took place. I won’t even get into the horror of people attempting to install vanity mirrors.

Aside from the work aspect of things, we as a company also understand the personal aspect of it. No one wants people working in their homes longer then needed. That is why we adamantly respect deadlines. Granted, in this business, there are unknowns that sometimes arise, but with us that’s a rarity. That’s why we thoroughly assess the task at hand prior to even giving you a quote.

Aside from punctuality, another area we truly pride ourselves on is customer respect. We are a team that is aware we are in another’s home to complete a job; we are not at a house party. We will not track dirt on your floors or blast music while we work. These may seem like very basic points, but in our experience, they are rather crucial. Mutual respect on a job site in the demo or reno world is important. This is somewhere we differ from most of the competition. We care.

Selective Demolition

Ideal for home renovations involving isolated areas, selective demolition targets specific parts of a house while keeping the rest intact. Let DemoPrep handle your next project with ease using our specialized services:

Kitchen Renovations
Update your cooking space with DemoPrep’s professional kitchen demolition services. We’ll safely remove cabinets, counters, appliances, and flooring, preparing your area for a beautiful renovation.

Bathroom Modernizations
Ready to refresh your bath oasis? Allow DemoPrep to expertly demo your current setup, including fixtures, tiles, and vanities, creating a clean slate for your dream bathroom transformation.

Wall Removals
Expand sightlines and open up rooms with DemoPrep’s wall removal service. Rest assured knowing our experts accurately determine weight-bearing capacities to avoid structural damage during the demolition process.

Complete Gut-Outs

Looking to start from scratch? A complete gut-out strips your dwelling down to its studs, giving you maximum creative freedom to shape your ideal living environment. Rely on DemoPrep for:

Total Debris Management
Following a total gut-out, rely on DemoPrep to efficiently haul away unwanted debris, leaving your home tidy and ready for the next steps in your renovation journey.

Hazardous Material Abatement
Protect your loved ones and neighbors from dangerous substances like asbestos and lead paint. DemoPrep’s licensed technicians locate, contain, and properly dispose of these hazardous materials, ensuring peace of mind during your residential project.

Specialty Residential Interior Demolition Solutions
Whether you wish to convert a garage into a studio apartment or add insulation to your attic, DemoPrep has got you covered. Check out our exclusive residential demolition services:

Garage Conversions
Add valuable living space by converting your unused garage into a habitable room. Depend on DemoPrep’s expertise for everything from foundational analysis to final cleanup.

Basement Finishings
Capitalize on untapped potential beneath your feet with DemoPrep’s basement finishing services. Our skilled professionals prepare your lower level for ultimate enjoyment and increased property value.

Attic Insulation Installations
Improve energy efficiency and year-round comfort by updating your attic insulation. Turn to DemoPrep for responsible removal of aged materials and installation of modern alternatives.

Why Choose DemoPrep?

Still wondering if DemoPrep is right for your residential interior demolition needs? Consider the following reasons to select our reputable company:

  1. Unmatched safety record. DemoPrep prioritizes employee and public welfare above all else, implementing stringent protocols and continuously investing in personal protective equipment (PPE).
  2. Exceptional workmanship. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees outstanding results, meeting even the highest industry standards.
  3. Decades of combined experience. Benefit from decades of accumulated wisdom, problem-solving abilities, and trade secrets passed down through generations of DemoPrep employees.
  4. Customer-centric philosophy. Every step of the way, DemoPrep listens closely to your goals, budget constraints, and scheduling preferences, ensuring a stress-free experience from beginning to end.
  5. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Enjoy added protection and assurance knowing DemoPrep carries proper credentials required for residential interior demolition activities.

Testimonials & Success Stories

“My wife and I couldn’t have been happier with the job DemoPrep did on our recent kitchen renovation. They were prompt, courteous, and left the workspace spotless after completion.” – John S.

“After encountering unexpected mold growth during my basement remodel, DemoPrep quickly sprang into action, eradicating the issue and saving me thousands in replacement costs!” – Sarah K.

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