House for Interior Demolition

How to Prepare a House for Interior Demolition

When you’re looking to transform your home into the space of your dreams, you need to start from scratch. You might be looking to just give your bathroom a facelift or even carry out a major remodeling of the entire home—things always begin with interior demolition.

Your vision about what you want your home to be decides whether the project will only be a minor one or a major task to perform. A lot of preparation goes into interior demolition and you’ll need around 1-7 days to complete the entire job depending on how complex it is.

To make sure that you don’t end up clueless while embarking on an interior demolition job, we have prepared this handy guide for you. Read on to know how you should go about the job.

Inspect Before You Demolish

When you carry out a thorough inspection of your home before beginning with the interior demolition, you can be sure that there shall be no surprises after the work begins. Such inspection can also help you plan the budget and avoid cost escalations after the project has made quite a bit of progress leaving you at a point of no return.

A proper inspection can also help you decide whether you should carry out the interior demolition yourself or if it’s simple enough to be carried out by you on your own. Many old homes are seen to have asbestos and other waste that should be disposed of by experts. In such a scenario, it’s best to employ a professional contractor instead of going ahead on your own.

Locate a Suitable Demolition Company

You shouldn’t think of going about interior demolition all by yourself unless you are an absolute expert at the job. This holds true irrespective of the scale of the project. You should put a professional demolition company to work that has the necessary permits and of course, the expertise, the knowledge, and the experience.

When choosing a demolition company, make sure that you carry out a thorough background check. Look for the customer reviews and ratings they have on social media and their websites. Approach a few clients the companies have worked for before for feedback on how they had performed. The demolition company you zero in on must have the necessary tools and expertise to pull off your job well.

Acquire the Necessary Permits

Just as in the case of exterior demolition, there are strict laws governing interior demolition work in all Canadian cities right from the big ones like Montreal to the smaller ones like Hudson.

You can acquire a permit at the local Buildings Department and by getting one, you commit to-

  • Turn off all utilities for complete safety
  • Stop all water running into the house
  • Notify all your neighbors about the approaching demolition

When you recruit a contractor to perform the demolition, they are likely to acquire all the necessary permits. However, make it a point to double-check with them and leave nothing to chance. After receiving the permit, you should display it on your front door.

It’ll make passersby aware of the demolition work going on inside and tell them that the work is being carried out per the law. Make a note of the point that you’ll need an additional permit for the removal of asbestos.

Removing Insulation

Occasionally, you might need to remove insulation from the ceiling when carrying out interior demolition. If not done properly, it can create quite a mess and take up a lot of your time.

When you’re removing insulation, make sure that you-

  • Remove asbestos, mold, waste of rodents, and all other contaminants from the area
  • Remove all pieces of insulation thoroughly with a lot of care
  • Dispose of all the insulation responsibly following local laws

Dealing with the Debris

After you are done with your interior demolition job, you’ll have to deal with the mess that’s left behind. This is when you’ll need a dumpster since it’s the best way you can get rid of the mess.

Your secret weapon for debris removal comes in the form of roll-off container rentals. You may as well dump all the other junk you have been planning to get rid of for years. You can find a size that fits your needs perfectly with these containers coming in different sizes starting from 10 yards and ending with the largest at 40 yards. We suggest that you rent the dumpster before you begin work on your project.

Waste removal is under the scope of strict laws in all big Canadian cities like Montreal or South Shore and the small ones as well like Beaconsfield or Lachine. Having a dumpster ready prevents debris, dirt, and dust from piling up in your work area.

What are the Costs Involved?

It’s the size of the project and how complex it is that decides the overall cost of a project as it does in most demolition jobs.  To form a rough estimate, we only need to look into what customers have been paying over the past few years for similar projects.

It has been observed that a residential interior demolition project costs between $2,000 and $4,000 on average across Canada’s cities from Montreal to Pincourt. If you’re planning to perform the interior demolition work yourself, you’ll have to worry about only the cost of buying the necessary tools and paying for the dumpster to clear the debris.


Interior demolition jobs need a certain skill and expertise. Therefore, you should perform them yourself only if you are an expert. It’s better to employ experts though. Carry out a thorough home inspection before you proceed.

Find a good demolition company next and get started with the job only after acquiring the necessary permits. Removing the insulation needs a lot of care. After the job is done, you’ll need a dumpster to remove the debris.

An interior demolition job, it has been found can cost you $2,000 to $4,000. Go ahead with it only after you are thoroughly prepared.

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